“According to the Department of Labor, 64% of working Americans leave their jobs because they don’t feel appreciated, while Gallup research shows that 70% of working Americans say they receive no praise or recognition on the job.” — Forbes

  • Boost Team Morale

    The BetterFeedbackTM recognition system helps you invest in the most important asset of your business – your employees. Increase morale and worker satisfaction. Decrease absenteeism, turnover, and complaints from customers and coworkers alike. Empowering employees is the best way to ensure that everyone acts in the best interested of your business.

  • Manage More Efficiently

    The less time you spend sending reminders, gathering reports and organizing data, the more time you have to actually manage your people. Let the powerful back engine at BetterFeedbackTM drive through all of the busy work. We’ll keep everything organized, you focus on managing the best run organization possible.

  • Company Progress at a

    Use our intuitive graphs to quickly compare employee reviews. Filter by manager, department or project. By comparing the reviews of employees and their managers, you can quickly assess areas requiring higher managerial input.

  • Monitor Consultant

    BetterFeedbackTM allows you to invite clients to participate in evaluating your employees. There is no better source of information on how your company is being represented than the people engaged in your services. Clients feel that their input is valued, employees are motivated to perform, you enjoy the results – everybody wins.

  • Non Stop Employee

    Don’t just wait for formal review cycles and 360 degree feedback – offer praise or constructive criticism whenever the situation warrants it with the continuous feedback tool. Award badges or reward points. Share new ideas and vote for ideas that your colleagues have already posted.

  • Easy-to-Use

    Intuitive, user-friendly and powerful. BetterFeedbackTM minimizes adoption time for its users so they can get to the task at hand, instead of spending time learning a new system. Contact us for a test-drive and see for yourself.

  • System of Employee

    Employee engagement is the key to any organization’s success; our Performance Management strategy helps to optimize organizational, operational and strategic objectives.

  • Align Company Goals

    Align employees’ goals with the company goals and ensure that everything your workforce does drives your organization’s performance. BetterFeedbackTM encourages goal sharing. Colleagues’ comments of support and encouragement will be tied to each goal and visible any time by the individual and his/her manager.

  • Track Status and

    BetterFeedbackTM allows managing every aspect of your projects in a social environment where conversations can turn into actions. Collect all employee status reports in one system. A single location for status reports, objectives and goals improves how you run you run your business and achieve organizational success.